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Process modifications for extension of lifecycle of existing plants

Critical assessment of process modification potentials to produce gypsum fibreboards with minimum intervention and capital investment.

The installation of a gypsum fibreboard Form Machine (BSH) in an existing gypsum board factory has been assessed by KNAUF.ABEE. This evaluation took into account all the possible technical parameters (mixing station, water drainage, press, control systems) so that a form machine can operate alternatively to a gypsum board line. Depending on the layout of various such gypsum board factories, alternative solutions might be opted for. For this reason four alternative scenarios have been studied in the beginning of the project (2001).
a. interruption of the gypsum board conveyor belt
b. installation of the FM at the mixing station, with backward relocation of the paper feeding station
c. installation of the FM parallel to the gypsum board conveyor belt
d. installation of the FM parallel to the dryer.

The assessment of the four alternatives revealed that direct retrofitting of existing plants was uneconomical and led to reduce plant capacity, when using the equipment available at that time (2001). On the basis of the assessment BSH proceeded with the improvements of the wet process, described in Result 7

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