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New zeolite gypsum fibreboards

Various boards based on gypsum and gypsum fibre mix and containing zeolites in the range of 5 - 20%. The feasibility of producing a new gypsum fibreboard containing zeolites, using the process of Result number 9 has been demonstrated at a test production 02/2004 - Grenzebach BSH GmbH. Products: Gypsum fibre boards with mineral wool, processed cellulose fibres, kettle stucco of Knauf Schwarze Pumpe and starch. Aim for the test production: Adjustment of the existing technology to products with high fibre contents.

The focus of Knauf Gips KG was mainly directed to indoor-air quality. The effect of zeogyp boards on pollutants (formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and tobacco fume) was studied in detail. The boards have been used uncovered and covered/laminated. Also perforated boards have been produced and investigated. Experiments included measurements of time-dependent decrease of odour-intensity (deodorization) according to VDI-Richtlinie 3881, I and II and indicated significant reduction of formaldehyde and benzene content (main component of tobacco fumes) in indoor air. No desorption has been observed contrary to normal boards.

Further experiments included effects of paper coating, perforation, use of dispersion dye. All experiments demonstrated significant decomposition of formaldehyde within the first 4 days and no recovery after 21 days.

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