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Novel light-emitting organic dyes

Novel highly luminescent, thermally and photochemically stable dyes have been prepared and fully characterized by the state of the art of molecular chemistry. Exceptional redox and optical properties such as high absorption, high quantum yield and efficient electroluminescence could be generated by these dyes in special molecular devices. The optical features can be tuned over a large range of wavelengths (about 500 to 850nm).

Some of these novel molecules could be used to detect specific targets such as cautions, protons, and biological materials. A special vertical device allows producing OLEDs in which these dyes were used as dopand allowing very efficient exciton and/or energy transfer processes. All these compounds could be produced pure at the gramm scale using home made experimental procedures

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Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
25 rue Becquerel
67087 Strasbourg
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