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Ambipolar organic light-emitting field-effect transistors

We demonstrate an organic light-emitting field-effect transistor (OLET) with pronounced ambipolar current characteristics. The ambipolar transport layer is a coevaporated thin film of a-quinquethiophene (a-5T) as hole-transport material and N,N'-ditridecylperylene- 3,4,9,10-tetracarboxylic diimide (P13) as electron-transport material. The light intensity is controlled by both the drain–source voltage VDS and the gate voltage VG. Moreover, the latter can be used to adjust the charge-carrier balance. The device structure serves as a model system for ambipolar light-emitting OFETs and demonstrates the general concept of adjusting electron and hole mobilities by co-evaporation of two different organic semiconductors.

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