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All-plastic light-emitting field-effect transistors

Organic Light-Emitting (Field-Effect) Transistors (LETs) have been fabricated on a flexible and transparent plastic foil (Mylar), acting both as substrate and gate dielectric. The foil is patterned on one side with bottom-contact gold source and drain electrodes, whilst a thin film of gold is evaporated on the opposite side of the foil to form the gate electrode. A vacuum sublimed tetracene film is employed as active layer for charge transport and light emission. The transistor shows unipolar p-type behaviour with mobilities typically of 5·10-4cm2/Vs. Drain-source current and electroluminescence has been simultaneously measured. Provided a suitable gate bias is applied, light emission occurs at drain–source voltages (Vds) above saturation. LETs on plastic substrates could open the way to flexible devices combining the switching function of a transistor and the light emission.

Taking advantage of the Ultra-Violet and Visible transparency of the dielectric sheet, attractive developments of the device structure can be envisaged. Indeed, transparent or semi-transparent gate electrode would allow light collection from both sides of the film. Alternatively, a highly reflective metal deposited as gate electrode on one side of the sheet would optimise light extraction from the opposite side.

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