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Cubic centimetre mobile micro-robots

Mobile microrobots:EPFL has developed several cm3 mobile micro-robots powered with piezo-actuators. They have a locomotion module with 3 degrees-of-freedom (x-y-Teta-z) and can be equipped with various tool modules, such as micro-gripper, AFM probe, micro-syringe, … The robots are characterized by their high resolution (a few nanometers), compactness (cm3) and simplicity. They are composed of very few mechanical parts and can be produced at very low cost and are easily custom-tailored. These robots are also vacuum compatible, making it possible to use them in a scanning electron microscope.

Potential Commercial Applications:
- Micro-assembly (micro-optical components alignment, MEMS,…);
- Microscopy (light microscope, scanning probe microscopy, electron beam microscopy, focus ion beam, …);
- Micro-manipulation (life sciences, micro-biosensors positioning, fertilization in vitro, …);
- Instrumentation (Nanotribology, Material testing, IC prober, Nano-handling, …);

These robots are being used in various micromanipulators and have been presented in several conferences and fairs. EPFL can provide consulting support to companies willing to integrate these micro-robots in their manipulation systems.

On-board electronics are being developed to make these micro-robots fully autonomous.

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