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On-line multirobot navigation algorithm

The online multi robot controller is realized under the multirobot navigation functions framework. A special controller design that takes into account the micro robot motion principle is applied to increase the micro-robot motion accuracy.

Multi-robot navigation functions are a special category of potential functions that have a unique minimum at the destination configuration. Their negated gradient vector field provides for a fast, feedback based closed form solution to the motion planning and the multi-robot motion control problem.

This controller produces actuation signals in the favoured velocity region of each robot according to the vector field produced by the negated gradient of the multirobot navigation function. It features theoretically established properties of global convergence and collision avoidance.

The user only needs to define the desired destination configuration of the multirobot system. The coordination and cooperation between the robots is dynamically produced by the navigation vector field depending on the robot proximity relations. Due to the feedback based character of the utilized control law, the methodology is very robust to sensor noise and model uncertainties.

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