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Machine vision algorithms for microscope environments

Using the camera system developed during the MiCRoN project, a vision solution for the localisation and tracking of micro-objects in the field of view of the camera has been developed and implemented. The technique combines a geometric hashing algorithm for object recognition with up to 4 degrees of freedom with a fast tracking algorithm based on the bounded Hough transform.

The combined algorithm is able to localise the position (x, y) and the orientation of an object (or part of it) on the image plane as well its displacement from the focal plane when this is confined within a limited range which depends on the optics of the camera. In order to achieve this, an object model comprising a stack of images has to be acquired offline and pre-processed prior to the execution of the recognition/tracking algorithm.

The algorithms are built using a machine vision software library (Mimas toolkit) developed at the MMVL under the LGPL licence. This software toolkit allows the fast prototyping and testing of new machine vision algorithms in a wide range of applications, both in the industrial and the biological areas.

These results have the potential to open up new markets and new opportunities throughout Europe in the application of machine vision to sector such as microsystems, microassembly and biological manipulation.

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Sheffield Hallam University
Faculty of ACES, Sheaf Building, City Campus, Pond Street
S1 1WB Sheffield
United Kingdom
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