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Micro grippers

The objective was to design, manufacture and test micro-grippers capable of being assembled to a micro-robot for potential use in a 3D assembly task.

The key components of the gripper are:
1. The piezo-electric actuator, which has advantages of low power consumption, low weight and high force.
2. The gripper arms, which consist of stainless steel fingers machined by EDM (Electro Discharge Machining)

These grippers have performed several types of manipulation task such as pick and place of 30 micron spheres, to picking of 35um dia. wires and 150micron wide resistors. They have been used in the micro-soldering assembly task, which was another deliverable of the MICRON project, and the grippers were used to place components prior to the soldering process, and then used for removal of the finished work-pieces.

These grippers were also used in vision recognition systems to track the gripper during manipulation of micro-objects, and they have been marked to enable better tracking by machine vision. This work has been submitted to the ICRA 2006 conference.

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