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Control system

A robust and at the same time flexible position control is a precondition to accomplish complex tasks. In order to get the robots follow the desired trajectory several issues needs to be addressed:
- Different robots (Miniman as camera robot, different MiCRoN robots) have completely different movement behaviours
- The dimensions and type of the drive command differ (e.g. different number of D.O.F.s)
- Parameters are not constant over time and may lead to changing conditions
- The movement is highly non-linear and tends to become chaotic at higher velocities using Piezo-driven robots.
- The AEM - depending on the operation mode - needs a reliable underlying control system; two closed loops working at the same time have to be avoided.

These reasons have motivated a two-staged approach for the position control. In this scheme, a driver that works in open loop only equilibrates non-linearities and balances the differences between different robots. At a higher level, a closed loop controller can base on a more or less linearised driver and is in charge of compensating the remaining deviation.

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