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Monolithic piezoactuator

The Monolithic Piezoactuators (MPA) combines nanometre accuracy with centimetre motion range. Velocity up to several millimetres per second is possible for a thrust force up to a few Newtons. These performances are obtained at a significantly lower cost than with standard technologies and in a much smaller overall size. These actuators are extremely simple to manufacture and easily adaptable to different configurations and customer requirements. Only one electrical channel per degrees-of-freedom is necessary.

MPA can be used for virtually any applications where relatively large workspaces must be combined with very high accuracy. Compared with existing systems, their main advantages are the high resolution, high stiffness, compactness and simplicity. MPA are easily custom-tailored.

Innovative Aspects:
- the actuator's configuration is obtained simply by the lay-out of the electrodes;
- several degrees-of-freedom can be embedded in the same actuator.

Main Advantages:
- compactness;
- high resolution over a large range;
- vacuum compatible;
- cost;
- adapted to mass production.

Potential Commercial Applications:
- Micro-assembly (micro-optical components alignment, MEMS, Mask alignment, …);
- Microscopy (light microscope, scanning probe microscopy, electron beam microscopy, focus ion beam, …);
- Micro-manipulation (life sciences, micro-biosensors positioning, fertilization in vitro, …);
- Instrumentation (Nanotribology, Material testing, IC prober, Nano-handling, …);
- Mini-invasive surgery (micro-electrode feeder, micro-endoscope, …);
- Micro-machining (EDM, maskless lithography, shadow mask, …);
- …

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