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Micro soldering assembly process

A micro-soldering demonstration was developed which would allow the MICRON robots to cooperate in soldering a 150 x 300 micron resistor to a custom-made simple micro-circuit. The basic steps of the process involve:(1) placement of the micro-circuit on a micro-hotplate, of size 750 x 750 microns (2) placement of solder pieces on contact pads by the robot, solder is with integrated flux (3) the resistor is placed on the contact pads (4) the micro-hotplate is activated, melting the solder, and bonding the component (5) the completed circuit can be removed from the hotplate.

These steps are performed with the help of the robots, which place the various components of the process. A key factor of the process is the use of squares of solder of size 50 -120 microns which have flux contains within. This ensures that during the soldering process, the surface is contaminant free. The resistor used in the soldering process is the smallest SMT component available from a company, which manufactures these, and there is definitely the ability to place components of even smaller size.

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Polo Sant'Anna Valdera
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