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Target effects of weeds

The activity of the benzoxazinone allelochemicals DIMBOA and DIBOA, their main degradation products and several synthetic analogues were studied on a range of plant species including crops as well as common weed species. Studies were done using standardised laboratory tests measuring the effect of the benzoxazinones, their degradation products and synthetic analogues on germination, shoot and root growth. In general root growth was more susceptible to the allelochemicals than shoot growth and germination was the least affected parameter. Some of the metabolites were more phytotoxic than their parent compounds and particularly APO, a metabolite of DIBOA, was highly active.

In the field plants will often be exposed simultaneously to several allelochemicals hence besides studying the effects of single allelochemicals we also studied the joint action of mixtures of two or three allelochemicals including the benzoxazinones, their metabolites and phenolic acids. It was found that the mixtures were either additive or slightly antagonistic and synergism, although commonly claimed, was not observed.

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Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences
Research Centre Flakkebjerg
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