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Insecticidal effects of wheat allelochemicals

Wheat varieties have been tested for their qualities for reproduction of cereal aphids. No significant difference was found between small plants. A significant difference was found between mature plants. However, this significance cannot be correlated to the content of hydroxamic acids or concentrations. Different compounds and concentrations were tested in artificial food for their effect to aphids, leaf beetles and beneficials.

A concentration of MBOA at 0.25mM will reduce the intrinsic rate of increase to 50%. BOA seems to have a stronger effect. This concentration is more than 10 times higher than found in the tested wheat varieties. All other allelochemicals compounds are found in lower concentrations.

There is a tendency to reduce occurrence of parasitoids if content of MBOA is high inside cereal aphids. A whole range of hydroxamic acids were tested to cereal aphids for their insecticidal contact effect. The tested hydroxamic acids used in concentrations as conventional insecticides show only little insecticidal effect.

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