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QTI engine

1. Global Description
The QTI engine provides support for presentation and evaluation of QTI questionnaires, including dynamic and adaptive questionnaires.

2. Functionality
The QTI engine interprets a questionnaire defined under the IMS-QTI standard, and presents it to the final user (learner). The functionality includes the dynamic generation of questionnaires based on defined attributes, evaluate them, present feedback to the user, and provide an effective integration of the overall test result with the eLearning application.

3. Potential offered
The QTI engine can be exploited in eLearning platforms that do not provide facilities for structured and dynamic questionnaires. In addition this package can be exploited in other applications (not just eLearning platforms).

4. Added Value and Benefits
- Presentation of items (questions) of very different types (previously defined with the IMS-QTI standard): True/False (Text), Multiple Choice (Text, Images), Multiple Choice with Slider Rendering, Multiple Response (Text, Decimal, Integer), Multiple Response with (Multiple) Image Hot Spot Rendering, Single and Multiple Fill-in-Blank (Text), Standard Short Answer (Text), Order Objects (Text, Image), Connect-the-points, Drag-and-drop (Images), and a combination of types, e.g: Multiple Choice with Fill-in-Blank, etc.
- Presentation of dynamic questionnaires incorporating items from different object banks and attending to different conditions.
- Evaluation (assessment) of questionnaires, presenting test results in a consistent manner, including feedback to the user.
- Possibility of specific integration with the eLearning platform, i.e. it is possible to integrate the course instructional design with the tests results, thus providing control on course evolution.

5. Requirements
This module does not impose any condition to the target eLearning platform. The QTI engine component is offered as an independent service.

6. Technical Features
- The IMS-QTI module is supported by the IMS-QTI standard defined by IMS.
- It takes advantage of flexibility inherent to IMS-QTI standard and thus offers the capability of integration with other standards as IMS-LD and IMS-LIP, through attributes (meta-data). Integration with IMS-LD provides Instructional Design based courses with the capability of acting upon results of questionnaires. Integration with IMS-LIP makes that this integration is based on standardised user-defined features.
- The component is implemented in Java and Flash
The QTI Engine is provided under GNU GPL licence and can be downloaded from and accessed from

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