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Interaction engine

The Interaction Engine provides the different educational services that allow the learners to perform a course in the system, using both modes: individual learning and collaborative tasks.

The Interaction Engine offers their services in three different contexts: the personal area (workspace), the course area and the activities area. For the personal area it provides an integrated vision of each one of the services and contents the user has access in the different courses s/he is enrolled, and the contributions performed in them. The course area provides the services that have to be used in each course, both if they were specified at design time by the author or at run time by the tutor. The activity area is similar to the course area, but under the scope of an activity inside the course.

Provided services are as follows:
- Forums
- File Storage
- Calendar
- Notifications
- Comments
- Ratings
- See information about Learning Objects

For the tutor, the Interaction Engine provides administration functions for each one of the available services.

The publication facility imports a course defined in IMS-LD and generates a Course Model accessible to the Adaptation Module, storing the services, Learning Objects, educational metadata and objectives associated to that course.

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