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Knowledge outcomes

The ALFANET project has provided significant Knowledge in different fields, which in turn have benefit from their interactions generating new knowledge relevant for the e-Learning in Europe. In the following lines the main knowledge generated by the project is outlined:

1. Pedagogical methods and guidelines. ALFANET focus on adaptation have been managed from a conceptual and methodological perspective that describes a baseline pedagogical model (conceptual template) to define courses together with other templates supporting the definition of adaptation, that in run-time will be supported by different ALFANET components.

2. The ALFANET project has an important experience in usage of e-Learning standards (IMS-CP, IMS-LD, IMS_QTI, IEEE-LOM, IMS-LIP) and interoperability of these standards for the purpose of adaptation along the e-learning lifecycle.

Based on these standards and on its innovative architecture components, the ALFANET platform supports multiple adaptive scenarios, among others:
- it provides different e-learning paths for different user profiles,
- it offers the learner the possibility to reinforce the knowledge when the system detects bad performance,
- it provides the learner with adaptive assessments,
- it provides the learner with a particular view of e-Learning objects as they fit with learner's interest, etc,
- it provides the learner with tutoring support,
- it offers the learner diverse recommendations about what material should be further studied, what activities should be performed, what additional tests could be made, what fora should be consulted, etc.

The report D32. Standards Contribution report provides a full description of the ALFANET contribution to standards and the experienced pedagogical methods.

3. Services based architecture. ALFANET System has been designed as services based architecture that provides the platform with a great flexibility and modularity. Within the ALFANET three-layer architecture, the Server layer acts as an integration platform for all the services providing core functionality for the e-Learning adaptive Services and for its integration to achieve adaptation.

The report D43. Final System describes the ALFANET technical architecture and goes into more detail of each of ALFANET components, explaining also how integration among ALFANET components has been performed.

4. Adaptive pilot courses. Five adaptive pilot courses have been designed in the project, corresponding with the four pilot sites: "Spanish course for German Learners" (KLETT), "Ambient maintenance" (EDP): "Aprender a Formar en Internet" (UNED) and "Communication technology" (OUNL). These courses implement different adaptive features and will be used for dissemination activities by the consortium partners.

5. Evaluation Results. Experiences with pedagogical methods, and adaptation along the e-learning lifecycle have been compiled at D66. Compilation of Evaluation activities, this providing the basis for further development of ALFANET components.

6. In addition, the ALFANET consortium has produced an important number of contributions to different scientific fora, making ALFANET research results available to the general public, in particular to the scientific communities. Scientific contributions are releted to e-Learning standards and e-learning standards interoperability, the User Model supporting adaptation, etc. A summary of these results is provided at D77. Compilation of Dissemination activities.

The D65. User Documentation provides users with a baseline reference to use the ALFANET system at the different stages of the e-Learning life-cycle, and as such it incorporates User Manuals for the different e-learning actors: the Designer, the Administrator, Learners and Tutors, etc.

The Final Public report (D81) provides a global view of ALFANET architecture, as well as ALFANET scientific results, including contribution to standards.

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