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Postgres-R: Kernel-based database replication

Postgres-R is a prototype replication tool integrated into the open-source database system PostgreSQL. The replication tool allows several PostgreSQL database replicas to run on different machines. A transaction can be submitted to any replica where it is executed locally. Before transaction commit, the replication tool transparently multicasts all data changed by the transaction to the other replicas. The replication tool will detect any two concurrent conflicting transactions and abort one of them. It provides the same snapshot isolation level as the original.

PostgreSQL system. The system provides excellent scalability since the overhead to propagate and apply data changes is small. Different to most other work in this direction, replication is integrated into the kernel of the database system. This avoids the indirection of a middleware layer and allows the replication tool to access the internal components of the database system such as concurrency control, query execution etc. The work is already well known among PostgreSQL developers. A group of developers employed or sponsored by several companies have started in January 2005 to reimplement the functionalities of Postgres-R within an advanced prototype that can then be tested by a wide audience. Therefore, we have not yet made our latest version of Postgres-R publicly available. But interested parties can contact us and receive the source code.

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