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JOpera: workflow engine for composite web services

The JOpera workflow engine applies workflow technologies to Web service composition. The engine executes workflows by running each of their tasks in the order specified by the workflow specification produced by the visual composition environment.

Task execution involves the invocation of external services through the synchronous or asynchronous exchange of messages specified according to the SOAP standard transported over the HTTP protocol. The engine is able to distinguish between ordinary messages and fault messages and thus map these to exceptions in the execution of the workflow itself.

The engine can run several workflows concurrently and also manage several different workflow types. The engine can be deployed to run a large number of workflows on a distributed (cluster) environment, in order to provide enhanced scalability and availability. As it has proven to be quite difficult to configure such distributed engine in advance to provide an acceptable level of performance facing a variable and unpredictable workload, the engine includes advanced autonomic capabilities that allow it to autonomously determine its configuration based on the current workload.

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