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The prototype MDA based toolsets

The result is the Prototype of the MDA toolset – and its extension the Prototype Integration with EMF (Eclipse Modelling Framework). Both tool vendors, Interactive Objects with ArcStyler and Softeam with Objecteering/ UML, have provided MODA-TEL use case developers with modified tools in order to cover the features required by the MDA approach being experimented in these use cases.

This result represents the work done on these tools in the MODA-TEL context, which resulted in additional features of the existing tools of both tool vendors. Experimental work was carried out in MODA-TEL on a common Java API between ArcStyler and Objecteering/UML.

The improvements on the MDA tool ArcStyler that were accomplished in the scope of the MODA-TEL project include:
- Integration of a model transformation engine (AIM/QVT) into ArcStyler 4
- Tool repository integration with Objecteering (JONI/EMF).

The enhancements and modifications of Objecteering/UML that have been made in the MODA-TEL context are:
- The MDA Tool Suite composed of a UML Modeler tool and an MDA Modeller tool. The MDA Modeller can be used to develop MDA components that can be later deployed in the Objecteering/UML Modeller to increase/modify its functionalities and modelling capacities.
- An open Java API based on EMF that has been developed to establish interoperability between Arc Styler and Objecteering/UML at the repository level.

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