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RODEO CompetencyDaq provides an enabling environment for innovation and creativity through which it could be possible to analyse the overall competency profile of an organization, in real-time, while those competencies are emerging and evolving.

The CompetencyDaq tool is a web application that helps capturing and rating the events that manifest individuals' competencies on a day-to-day basis, and collecting information to create a self-regulating market of competency stocks (CompetencyDaq, like Nasdaq or BBC CelebDaq, a fictitious celebrity stock market). The tool provides dedicated interaction areas to submit feedbacks on social interactions happening among the players, specifying the competencies involved, and to declare each personal competency needs. Each feedback is used to credit a number of shares of the mentioned competencies to the player addressed by the feedback and thus building up each player's portfolio of competency shares.

The value of the shares is computed as a factor of its value within the organization - representing the need of this specific competency - and of its availability among the employees - its distribution in the market. By analysing the information collected, the tool provides suggestions about the players that better addresses the competency needs expressed. It also provides a detailed monitor section to analyse the market information and the social network structure as expressed through the connections build by means of the feedbacks.

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