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Flowserve middleware

Flowserve is the main middleware supporting the FlowGrid service. It provides a link between the FlowGrid Client and the distributed FlowGrid resources in the Grid. Flowserve has been specifed as a web service, which provides an open and extensible interface to any front-ends, not only the CFD fronetends used in the FlowGrid project. Based on this interface the Flowserve protocol has been developed building on generally available and commonly used-protocols. Flowserve runs under the LINUX operating system. It interfaces with the DBMS and the CFD front-end, i.e. GenIUS, using SOAP and HTTPS. The Flowserve web service uses Apache Tomcat powered by Apache Axis to handle the SOAP and HTTPS protocols.

The generic features of Flowserve, its components and interfaces are described in detail on the project webpage

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