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SAT-based model checking of security protocols

The SAT-based Model Checker SATMC developed by UNIGE takes as input a specification of a security problem written in in the AVISPA's Intermediate Format (that is, the IF specification of a security protocol and of a security property that the protocol should satisfy, as generated by the HLPSL2IF translator of the AVISPA Tool from a given security problem specification written in the High-Level Protocol Specification Language HLPSL) and performs both protocol falsification and bounded verification in an automatic way by reducing the input problem to a sequence of invocation to a state-of-the-art SAT-solver. The interface between the SATMC and the SAT solver complies with the DIMACS format (the de facto standard for SAT problems) and therefore SATMC can easy incorporate and exploit new SAT solvers as soon as they will become available. Currently SATMC successfully analyses most protocols in the AVISPA Library whose cryptographic operators do not enjoy any specific algebraic property.

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