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Hermes (software package)

Hermes is the core of the HomeTalk platform developed within the project. Rooted at the residential gateway, Hermes is able to deliver messages among entities within the converged residential environment that offers data, voice, control and later video related services. The converged environment powered by the HomeTalk platform will be able to integrate controllable home devices (devices, appliances, actuators, etc.), data networks elements (PCs, PDA, etc), voice elements (PSTN phone, GSM phone, microphone, speakers, etc) and management entities (browsers, custom applications, etc.).

All entities are abstracted as virtual nodes with specific access methods and node profiling. Node type drivers then provide access to the real devices. To implement simple stand-alone services or parts of more complex services, Hermes can run internal programs written in a special language called CAL. Through a Control and Notification interface Hermes provides clean interface to clients. Using this interface, clients are able to manage the in-house devices delivered over the HTTP protocol. Hermes supports a variety of access methods, such as HTML browser, VoiceXML browser, and Java OSGi agent. The latter serves better for applications related with management and monitoring running in service provider's behalf.

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