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QTI authoring tool

1. Functionality:

The QTI Authoring Tool is a tool that building on existing QTI files (defined with QTI compliant tools) adds on them to define adaptive and dynamic questionnaires based on the "Selection and Ordering" specification provided by the IMS-QTI standard.

The QTI Authoring tool provides two main functionalities required for further adaptation of questionnaires:
- Items metadata definition. It allows being associated metadata with QTI items previously created.
- Dynamic questionnaires definition. This component complements the previous one to add adaptive capabilities as defined in IMS-QTI standard, supporting the definition of questionnaires that may combine items from different object banks having into account specific conditions.

The QTI Authoring Tool can be exploited in those applications that making use of QTI specification does not take advantage of the benefits provided by dynamic questionnaires.

The Added Value and Benefits are the generation of dynamic questionnaires:
- incorporating items from different object banks and attending to different conditions - adaptive.
- able to provide different evaluations (zero or various scoring variables) as desired by the course designer- assessment.

2. Requirements:

This module does not impose any condition to the target eLearning platform. The QTI module is offered as an independent service.

Current state of IMS-QTI module requires the usage of an external QTI tool to generate the basic items following the QTI standard.

3. Technical Features:
- The IMS-QTI module is supported by the IMS-QTI standard defined by IMS.
- Java based software
It takes advantage of flexibility inherent to IMS-QTI standard and thus offers the capability of integration with other standards as IMS-LD and IMS-LIP, through attributes (meta-data). Integration with IMS-LD provides Instructional Design based courses with the capability of acting upon results of questionnaires. Integration with IMS-LIP makes that this integration is based on standardised user-defined features.

The QTI Authoring Tool is provided under GNU GPL licence and can be downloaded from and it is accessible from

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