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LD engine (copper core)

CopperCore is world's first open source IMS Learning Design (IMS LD) Engine that supports all three levels of IMS LD (A, B and C). IMS LD is a complex, semantically rich specification, so it is not trivial to provide full support for it. IMS LD specifies a template of a synchronized and personalized workflow through a course.

The CopperCore Run Time environment is a ready to use, pre-configured version of CopperCore. It is provided for everyone who wants to experience IMS Learning Design and CopperCore first hand without going through the hassle of setting up a complex client server application. CopperCore, a J2EE runtime engine for IMS LD can be used to incorporate IMS LD in your own applications. The targeted audience are therefore system developers.

CopperCore provides three API's and a Test Suite. Here are some characteristics:
- full support for IMS LD including level A, B and C
- has three API's covering publication, administration and delivery of IMS Learning Design
- exposes J2EE, native Java and SOAP interfaces
- provides a validation library
- includes a command line interface to most of the API calls
- includes an example of a publication interface
- includes an example of a web delivery interface
- platform independent
- has built-in support for four relational databases (MS SQL Server/MSDE, PostgreSQL, Derby (AKA-IBM cloudscape) and HSQLDB)
- is ready for use with JBoss 3.2.x application server, but runs on other application servers as well
- licensed under the GNU GPL

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