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Project ID: ICA4-CT-2001-10004
Financiado con arreglo a: FP5-INCO 2
País: Greece

Improved formulation of the sexual pheromone components of Prays oleae (Z-7-tetradecenal) for application in the mating disruption technique

Sex pheromones are chemicals secrete by female insects to attract male mates of the same species. Pheromones are used for monitoring insect populations, mass trapping and mating disruption. Mating disruption, as practiced in olive integrated pest management program, involves flooding an olive grove with large amounts of the sex pheromone to prevent potential mates from locating one another and mating.

The pheromones are released from devices that are spread in the field. Based on developed slow release formulation technology in NCSR "D", the main pheromone component (Z)-7-tetradecenal was encapsulated into ?-cyclodextrin powder. The release rate of the sex pheromone was optimised to use in a wider range of climatic conditions. The formulation of the main pheromone component (Z)-7-tetradecenal into a ?-cyclodextrin-complex and its application in polypropylene tubes at a rate of 40g (a.i.) per hectare resulted in stable and sufficient release rates of the pheromone up to 2 months field exposure, in a vast range 20-35oC of temperature. Excellent male disorientation (> 90%) was reached in all four countries tested (Greece, Portugal, Tunisia and Egypt. Population density (as fruit infestation) and also fruit fall were significantly reduced in treated areas (efficacy > 60%) and yield/tree was increased (> 58%).

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Patrarchou Grigoriou & Neapoleos Ag Paraskevi, Attikis
153 10 ATHENS
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