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Mechanical properties of bond coats

Activities related to property evaluation focused on measurement of thermal expansion coefficients of Ru-based aluminides (Pollock), and on martensitic transformations and mechanical properties of bond coats (Hemker). The CTE is an important parameter in determining the magnitude of the stresses in the bond coat during thermal cycling, as demonstrated by modelling of the TGO dynamics (Evans).

These contribute to the evolution of morphological changes in the TGO and the associated spallation mechanisms (Evans, Fleck). Professor Pollock has an established collaboration with GE-Glocal Research that greatly benefited the research in this area. Professor Hemker has developed unique methods to probe the mechanical properties of bond coats using micro-scale specimens that allow not only mechanical testing but also in-situ observation of changes in the microstructure, with the capability of performing these tests at high temperatures. His techniques have produced substantial insight into the deformation of Pt-modified aluminide bond coats, as well as the martensitic transformations and related stresses that ensue due to thermal cycling and Al depletion by oxidation and interdiffusion. These techniques are being applied now to the Ru-modified bond coats.

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