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Novel bi-layer concepts for bond coats

A number of different coating variants and processing paths were investigated under HIPERCOAT. One processing path was conceptually similar to the established technology for Pt-modified bond coats. This consisted of depositing Ru by EB-PVD on carefully pre-pared substrates and performing a short inter-diffusion treatment (UCSB), followed by CVD aluminising (Cranfield or Howmet), microstructural analysis of pristine coating (Cranfield, Michigan), mechanical testing (JHU), and oxidation testing under isothermal (MPI-MF) and cyclic (Michigan) conditions.

Control of aluminum activity during the aluminisation step of the process enabled multi- layered B2 coatings of NiAl and RuAl. An interesting design feature of this system was that processing could be adjusted to place either layer at the outer surface for TGO formation. Additionally, processing paths for hybrid Ni(Ru,Pt)Al coatings were established, wherein Ru deposition and inter-diffusion was followed by Pt electroplating in the usual fashion, prior to aluminising.

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