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Development of a HT-multipurpose slurry phase reactor : application for the selective hydrogenation of crotonaldehyde (SHC)

A multipurpose high-pressure high throughput slurry phase reactor, which outperforms competitive reactors in the market, has been developed and is now commercialised. The main novelties are the total concept and the sampling system. DSM settled the requirements.

Specification of the final prototype:
16 fold parallel slurry phase reactor with reaction conditions up to 150 bar and 220°C (16 different temperatures, pressures and stirring rates in one run possible), in-situ activation of pacified catalysts up to 250°C, wet volume: 8 ml (total content 15 ml), material of reactors: SS or Hastelloy, inserts: optional, mixing: via magnetic stirring bars up to 2000 rpm,(16 different stirring rates possible), possibility of individual pressure regulation, introduction of gas: separate inlet for each reactor (automated), introduction of reactants and catalysts: automated via sampling system, solid catalysts manually.

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