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The goal of this database was to provide a tool for organizing the most relevant data that have been generated during the project. In agreement with all the partners of the CONLIFE project the code has been developed adopting Microsoft Access Language. A further relevant goal of the database was to allow the fast search of data for building of useful reports. A version can also be located on the CONLIFE web page.

The final database version has been completed. It comprises two main sections: the first one is related to the mixes that have been cast and tested during the project; the second is related to coring of older HPC structures and their testing. The data can be edited, printed by reports and exported as Excel files for their elaboration. The section related to older structures has been completed with photos.

Overall, the database contains information on more than 60 produced mixtures subjected to accelerated laboratory and real-time field tests and more than 50 in-service structures from which samples were tested. During the development of the project the database has proven to be a useful tool in aiding model building, furthermore it has helped to share the data and results in a clear form among the partners. In the future it will help concrete researcher and people from industry in designing HPC.

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