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Properties of fresh and hardened HPC

The aim of this part of the project was to relate fresh and hardened concrete properties to the mix design of the HPC.

From the test results obtained it was possible to choose what concrete properties relate best to lifetime prediction.

A very comprehensive laboratory programme has been carried out. A total of 22 mix-designs have been cast in Italy, Germany and Norway with different cements. Except for the three different cements used and the local water supply the rest of the mix design was identical in the 22 mix designs. The specimens were exposed both to laboratory and field conditions. The field exposure sites were located in Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Germany and Italy.
Fresh concrete properties were tested in the three laboratories casting. The testing includes: Temperature, density, air-content, consistency, and loss of consistency and heat development. The test methods used were EN standard test methods. The mean target consistency of all mixes was in the range of 460 mm for flow and 160 mm for Slump, as typical for HPC. The air entrained mixes showed a mean air content around 5%.

The testing of hardened concrete properties showed that the compressive strength (28 days) was in nearly all cases in the range of 70-130 MPa, as originally fixed.

Testing of other hardened concrete properties included frost resistance under different conditions, shrinkage, chloride penetration, oxygen penetration, porosity, thin section analysis.

The received results formed the basis for the further evaluation of the durability data and for the description of damage models.

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