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Production of more efficient surgical implants from high strength non-ferromagnetic FeAlCr intermetallic alloys

Surgical implants of a Fe-Al-Cr intermetallic alloy, with Al contents in the range of 30-40 at%, Cr contents in the range of 8 to 12 at%, and yttria additions, could replace current biomaterials. A powder metallurgy route was settled during the project.

General advantages with respect to current biomaterials are:

- Absence of Ni (allergenic and carcinogenic element) or Co (geostrategic element).
- A reduction of about 38% in density with respect to that for Co-Cr alloys.
- Tensile strength higher than that for current metallic biomaterials.
- Corrosion properties similar to that of current biomaterials.
- Similar polyethylene wears rates than that for current metallic alloys.
- Good biocompatibility in vitro, often approaching the behaviour of materials well known for their biological acceptance, e.g. alumina.
- Possibility of generates an outer alfa-alumina scale by thermal oxidation, which could enhance the surface related properties (corrosion, wear).

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