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WP1, Task 1.2 - Review of US industrial & aero turbine needs

The objective of Work Package 1 for the first year was to carry out a review of the US industrial and aero engine turbine programmes both to better understand the strategic direction of the US gas turbine industry and their instrumentation development needs. The identification of US needs that are currently met and those that are not met allows the European gas turbine instrumentation community to develop a better instrumentation development plan, task 2.1, and compete globally more effectively.

A review of all major US gas turbine engine programmes has been carried out and the instrumentation development needs identified by the US Propulsion Instrumentation Working Group for achieving the goals set in Department of Defence and Department of Energy programmes have been analysed.

Comparison between the results of this analysis and the one performed in WP2 indicate that:

- American and European instrumentation development needs are very similar
- The US gas turbine instrumentation community are focusing all their attention on only five of their unmet instrumentation needs
- Surface temperature maps (1200 F)
- Surface temperature maps (2500 F)
- Planar gas path temperature (3200 F)
- Emissions including combustor
- Thermal barrier coating “health”.

However, several of the US needs that remain unmet for the moment have been identified in WP2 as a top priority for the European instrumentation community. Therefore, addressing these needs will not only fulfil the needs of European gas turbine engine manufacturers but also provide a route into the US market.

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