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WP2, Task 1.1 - A European Lab Gap Matrix

The objectives of WP2 were:

Technology requirement and priority setting for instrumentation leading to:

- More penetration by instrumentation into engine launch
- More rapid technology transfer from research institutions into the supply chain and engine companies.

To enable these objectives to be met, the Technology Requirements of the European Gas Turbine Industry needed to be established and organized in a consistent manner to ensure common understanding both within the partnership and for communication to the wider European research and instrumentation supply chain.

The steps defined to achieve these objectives are summarized as:

- Development of a consistent framework in which to capture current capabilities and issues
- Development of a requirement captures mechanism
- Data collection
- Data analysis
- Production and Publication of a ‘Lab Gap Matrix’
- Prioritisation and Publication of Requirements.

Following successful completion of the first 5 steps, the resulting Lab Gap Matrix was presented to the full membership in Limerick in June 2003, and a prioritisation session was held to identify the highest priority gaps. These top priority gaps were then further developed into research themes, which have formed the basis of bids to call 3A of Framework 6. The prioritisation determined was incorporated into the Lab Gap Matrix, the final version of which was published in the partners area of the website and through the production of a Final Report for WP2 which has been submitted to the Commission. An overview has also been published in the public area of the website.

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