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WP3, Task 1.3 - Marketing and dissemination

The objectives of WP3 are related to the Promotion and Co-ordination of the project. It is also an objective of WP3 to act as the point of contact between the Commission and the partnership. Progress made to-date includes the development of the following promotional materials: New Members Leaflets (a double sided leaflet giving background, benefits of EVI-GTI and encouraging membership)

In-house publication (this article is for use for in-house publications within the partnership companies, widening awareness etc)

Single Page Flyer (a single sided leaflet giving benefits of EVI-GTI membership)

A double sided 3 fold leaflet detailing the background of EVI-GTI, benefits of membership and the EVI-GTI offering was designed for recruiting new members at Aerospace Testing Expo 2004

EVI-GTI newsletter (a newsletter keeping partners informed of progress, detailing future meeting dates, conference updates etc)

A complete exhibition package was created for use at trade shows and exhibitions

Copies of all publications can be downloaded from the EVI-GTI website (

Over the duration of the project 4 development upgrades have been made to the EVI-GTI website (, with a 5th currently underway.

1st Website - contained basic project information
2nd Website - re-designed to include more detailed information
3rd Website - included web board, basic questionnaires, better menu structure, conference information
4th Website - redesigned to cope with the growth of information, two web board systems, new menu systems allowing easier site navigation, on-line conference registration forms, on-line membership registration forms. The site now includes a Partner Area and a Member Area. Visitors to the site can now register their interest in the R&D teams on-line. A links area includes links to PIWG in the US. The website is currently being re-designed using a robust Content Management System (CMS) which allows extensive collaborative activities for a significantly larger number of members.

The Content Management System will allow:

Password protected pages for better security;
Multi lingual pages;
Printer friendly pages;
Visitor statistics;
On-line applications, database applications;
E-commerce features (this would enable EVI-GTI to accept on-line payments for conferences and membership)

Three papers promoting EVI-GTI have been published. EVI-GTI's successful exhibiting at the world's first Aerospace Testing Expo which was held in Hamburg between 25th and 27th February 2003 and followed on by exhibiting at the 2004 Expo, again in Hamburg, between 30th and 31st March and 1st April 2004. EVI-GTI was given the opportunity to publish an article in the Aerospace Testing Expo magazine, which was circulated at the Paris Air show in June 2003, and to make a presentation at the 2004 Expo Open Technology Forum. This presentation, by Professor Paul Ivey, was entitled The Virtual Institute as the business solution to cross-sector engineering collaboration. These were both good opportunities to access a specifically targeted market.

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