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WP6, Task 2.6 - Review of training opportunities and needs

The objectives of WP6, Task 2.6, were to identify training needs and opportunities to promote and enhance employment within the sector.

Appropriate training for the specific technological needs of the sector workforce should ensure that they become both more sought after and mobile. Task 2.6 specifically addresses the issues of what training is available and identifying any gaps between availability and needs with a view to developing suitable training modules which can be delivered either through traditional routes or through an e-learning interface available through the EVI-GTI platform. An on-line questionnaire (available at was created and, at the time of circulating the call for participation, all contacts have been invited to participate by providing information about their organisational training needs and opportunities. Results have been analysed allowing plans for courses to be developed to close any training 'gaps' identified. As a direct result the von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, in collaboration with EVI-GTI partner organisations, has created a sector-specific lecture series entitled "Advanced Measurement Techniques for Aero Engines & Stationary Gas Turbines" which was held at Rhode-Saint-Genese in Belgium from 1-5 March 2004 and the "Data Acquisition & Signal Processing for Turbomachinery Applications Workshop with Laboratory and Practical Training Sessions" which was run from 11-15 April 2005. A final work package report was created detailing sector training.

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