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WP8, Task 1.5 - University and SME constituent groups finalised and audited

The objectives of WP8 are in the field of streamlining the formation of research teams in specific areas as they emerge from other work packages in the EVI-GTI program. The research teams need a clear and fast communication structure to ensure that they can act in an effective and efficient manner in the preparation of excellent research proposals. The aim here is to improve Europe’s position in relation to the US, ultimately leading to better engines and reduced time to market. Task 1.5 addressed the process to be followed when forming core research teaming arrangements. These teams are to be formed and dispersed for individual bids and it is therefore essential to form ‘pools’ of interest that can be accessed quickly and easily and which will consist of parties able to act effectively whenever opportunities arise. Essential elements were identified as: a database of contact information identifying interested individuals within organisations (Task 1.4, WP4); a communication protocol, a prescribed way of information dissemination; establishment of a list of priority constituent groups, based on the outcome of (task 1.1, WP2); establishment of a group “champion” who triggers action whenever needed. A draft communication protocol has been written and the procedure for establishment of a group champion has been set up. Group champions have been assigned to the two proposals that were submitted to FP6-2005-Aero-1.

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