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WP8 Task 3.4 - Teaming arrangements/training schemes agreed

This task focuses particularly on one of the important objectives of WP8, namely the improvement of rapid technology transfer. The link has to be made here with other work packages to provide answers to the following questions: what are the topics of interest where rapid technology transfer is required and which training schemes would be most appropriate for this purpose.

WP2 has provided a very valuable synthesis of the main areas of interest through the establishment of the Lab Gap Matrix. The three main areas of interest were identified as (1) high temperature aerodynamic measurements, (2) surface temperature measurements and (3) mechanical movement measurements. These are the areas where rapid progress is desirable for engine manufacturers.

On the other hand, WP6 has provided a very extensive survey of existing training opportunities all over Europe by analysing various questionnaires submitted to all actors playing a role in the gas turbine community. The conclusions were that
- the level of expertise after undergraduate engineering studies is usually insufficient.
- postgraduate studies in the field are desirable but time consuming.
- short courses (1 week) are seen as attractive prospects by most outfits.
- current collaborations are usually in-country, thus limiting access to expertise that may be available elsewhere in the EU.
- e-learning is an interesting prospect, but only suitable for introductory or informational material. The nature of this sector is such that hands-on operation of the equipment is usually required for other applications.

Options for training have been studied. The following ideas have emerged:
- Set up new courses on particular topics, either at university or under the form of specialized courses.
- Lecture Series (short courses of approx. 1 week)
- Set up of workshops (more practically oriented and of the same duration)
- Organize tutorial sessions incorporated in a conference.

Although other training schemes remain open, two of those options have been retained: a Lecture Series on “Advanced Measurement Techniques for Aero Engines and Stationary Gas Turbines” and a Workshop on “Data Acquisition and Signal Processing for Turbo machinery Applications” have been organized at VKI respectively in March 2004 and April 2005.

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