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WP1 Task 2.1 - Three year instrumentation development plan

The objective of this task was to bring together the results of the activities of Task 1,2 (WP1) - Comparisons with US Technology Gaps, PIWG and EU review, Task 1.1 (WP2) - EU Instrumentation requirements and priorities established to identify the key areas for future aspirations for instrumentation development within the European community. This task also addresses the identification of suitable funding routes to accommodate the required developmental activities. This employed the outputs from Task 2.4 (WP7) - Teaming established, linkage to EU policies.

Task 1.2 (WP1) identified the following R&D areas as primary targets for development with the USA, for both industrial and aero engine applications.

- Engine Health Management and Monitoring
- Active control for increased engine capability
- Intelligent engine concept for increased reliability and availability.

Task 1.1 (WP2) through its Lab Gap Matrix identified the following three areas for R&D development within the European Community:

- High Temperature Aerodynamic Measurements
- Mechanical Movement Measurements
- Surface Temperature Measurements

These areas would constitute the themes for future bids for R&D funding from members of the EVI-GTI consortium, in collaboration with extended EVI-GTI membership.

The new generation of instrumentation resulting from this research and future R&D activities should be developed for both test bed research activities and commercial exploitation in order to gain the maximum growth and market share for the European Gas Turbine Instrumentation community. Funding sources for R&D were identified through Task 2.4 (WP7).

Two bids were submitted to FP6-2005-Aero-1 through EVI-GTI.

- Accurate High Temperature Engine Aero-Thermal Measurements for Gas Turbine Life Optimisation, Performance and Condition Monitoring (HEATTOP)
- Gas Turbine Aero Engine Mechanical Measurement Requirements for Improved Engines Integrity (MEFINE).

A related bid entitled Engine Failure Advanced Monitoring Systems (EFAMS) was submitted to the same call through Snecma.

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