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Software module for the simulations of the localised micro-mixing in fluidised-bed polymerisation reactors using CFD technology

A software module was developed for 2/3 dimensional and transit simulations of localised micro mixing in Fluidised Bed Polymerisation Reactors.

The module was built on the basis of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and Eulerian Multiphase techniques. Effects of mass, heat and species transfer due to mixing and polymerisation were accounted for. The models incorporated into the module are capable of describing detailed distributions of various variables/parameters involved in polymerisation both in 3-dimensions and time spaces. This includes predictions of instantaneous behaviours (instability effects) and averaged values.

The validation of the models were conducted by comparing the predicted results with the data obtained on industrial/pilot-scale fluidised bed reactors, which were supplied by BP and SABIC and the satisfactory agreement was obtained. The model can be used to analyse effects of operating conditions (e.g. operating pressure, temperature, super-facial carrier gas velocity, and duration of time, etc), catalysts properties and geometrical structure of reactors, on output and properties of polymer products. The model can also be used to aid the design and maintenance of fluidised bed reactors with other types of chemistry processes.

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