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Software module for the predictions of dynamics of particle population balance with nucleation, growth, agglomeration and breakage functions

A suite of Population Balance Models has been developed for predictions of dynamic changes in population due to effects of particle nucleation, growth, agglomeration and breakage. The module includes models as Discretization Method, Standard Method of Moments and Quadrature Method of Moments.
The Discretization method predicts the changes in Particle Size Distribution directly. In order to be accurate, the number of discrete zones/classes needs to be large. This in turn will increase computational cost. If concerns are more about changes of mean values of a particle population, the latter two methods are more appropriate, especially the Quadrature method of moments has put no restrictions on forms of functions of nucleation, growth, agglomeration and breakage.

The above models are fully coupled with Fluent’s various multiphase models and are capable of describing detailed distributions in both 3-Dimensions and time spaces, of particle population dynamics.

The models will be offered as an important feature in the coming Fluent main software code release.

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