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Measurement method for elastomeric polyolefins

Powder and pellets behave more difficult than gases or liquids when transported or stored in chemical plants. Wrong design or operation of transport lines and storage facilities may cause blockage of these devices, resulting in plant shutdown (for cleaning) and production losses. Especially, elastomeric (rubber-like) materials tend to stick together and form agglomerates.

Hence, the ¿flowability¿ of particulate solids has to be investigated already in the stage of product development. However, the ¿flowability¿ is not a physical property, such as density, but an empirical quantity containing influences of the applied measurement method. The currently available methods are more or less empirical tests, which give rather qualitative trends than quantitative indications with predictive power.

The measurement method (ring-shear test) evaluated and refined within this project overcomes known limitations of other methods; e.g. undefined force fields on the flowing particles. It is expected that results obtained with this method can predict the flow behaviour of particulate solids in large-scale equipment much better.

Product and plant design converge if product properties critical for plant operation (such as flowability) can be determined reliably in advance. This leads to decreased investment costs for new plants and increased on-stream time of existing plants.

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