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Collection of representative strains of Bacillus cereus and databases on their genotypic and phenotypic characterisation

A hundred strains of Bacillus cereus have been selected from food borne outbreaks (emetic and diarrhoeic), from various foods, from various environments, and from various European countries. Care was taken to maximise the diversity of this set of 100 strains. These strains have been characterised for minimum and maximum growth temperatures, for growth kinetics at 37°C and various pH, for heat resistance of spores, for spore adhesion on epithelial cell cultures (some strains) for emetic toxin genes and emetic toxin production, for enterotoxins genes and enterotoxin production, for enterotoxic activity measured on cell cultures. These 100 strains have been integrated in a large taxonomical investigation on 400 strains of B. cereus and related species to specify their taxonomical position.

This database provides an overview of the diversity of B. cereus for features important in virulence and behaviour during food processing and storage. The strain collection provides a set of strains already characterized and available for the scientific and professional community for future work on B. cereus.

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