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Fabrication and operation of charge qubits

We have fabricated Single Cooper pair Boxes (SCBs) in close proximity to a Single Electron transistor operated in the radio Frequency mode (RF-SET). The SCB acts an artificial two level system i.e. a qubit, and the RF-SET acts as a read out device, which can measure the charge of the qubit and thus the state of the qubit. We can control the state of the qubit by applying fast rectangular pulses to an electrode, which is capacitively coupled to the qubit. By varying the duration of the pulses, we are able to manipulate the state of the qubit. Using this scheme we have been able to observe quantum coherent oscillations in the qubit and we have also been able to measure the relaxation and decoherence times of the qubit. We typically get values of 100ns for the relaxation time and up to 10ns for the decoherence time.

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