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The SLIM-VRT integrated e-learning system

SLIM-VRT is an integrated innovative e-learning system that provides a distributed, Web-based, scalable and accessible for different users' types' environment. With the support of an advanced self-learning methodology, its functionality for the identification of user learning needs based on user profiles, market needs and career prospects, and the use of 3D-VRT Graphics, the System envisages to offer advanced e-learning services to the maritime community.

It consists of the e-learning platform, the Virtual Reality Tool (VRT) and the Training Advisor sub-system (ADVISOR). The System supports the education and training of multicultural teams, as well as the training on soft skills and job requirements (during the project implementation period, content for three target groups - further career developments, alternate careers and "new comers" to the shipping industry - was developed, i.e. four courses and five case studies).

SLIM-VRT, as a standalone commercial product / service, will be addressed in maritime e-learning market; it will be launched either as a "turn-key" solution or via an ASP. Potential users will be able to use the system either to consume or to offer e-learning:

- individuals who work in the maritime industry or wish to join it, will be educated via e-learning
- shipping companies and maritime organizations will enhance the skills of their employees
- universities and other similar education organizations will address a wider market
- universities and other similar education organizations will join a network of RTD, expertise and know-how transfer
- e-learning content providers will invest on new technologies

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