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Consultancy services for e-learning in the maritime industry

The training and education needs of individuals, who either work in the maritime industry or wish to work in it, are specific and demanding. The legal framework that regulates those issues is STCW (Seafarers Training and Watch keeping Convention) regulated by IMO (International Maritime Organization). The IMO has published a series of model courses on different subjects as guidelines for seafarers training and certification. Currently IMO is examining the CBT (Computer Based Training) and e-learning approach for seafarers education. In this context SLIM-VRT has a powerful potential as a consultancy tool in maritime education

The services for e-learning consultancy in the maritime sector will include:
- the identification of the specific users' needs
- the construction of a customized to the trainee's needs choice set of courses and alternative forms of learning
- the application of bridge/engine simulation scenario through Internet
- the development of courses to mainly soft skills not provided in formal maritime education
- the development of case studies for collaborative training of seafarers and office personnel (in the all the 3 levels provided by STCW)
- the application of evaluation framework to access maritime educational materials using new technologies

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