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Learning scenarios for the experiment in history

The learning scenarios for the History Experiment in Greece have been developed in line with the user criteria and use cases provided by the Pedagogical experts committee of the project. These scenarios aim at:
- enabling students at a remote site (e.g. Benaki Museum) to study the real exhibits in comparison with their virtual representations available on a website (Experiment Specific Server).
- enabling students to become active learners by giving them the chance to direct their learning process
- prompting students to find out ambiguities and contradictions about the exhibits.The learning scenarios are supported by educational content authored in close collaboration with teachers teaching history at the second grade of a Greek secondary school.

The content refers to the following historic periods:
- Proto-Byzantine Period (300 a.c. - 717 a.c.)
- Meso-Byzantine Period (717 a.c. - 1025 a.c.)
- Hystero-Byzantine Period (1025 a.c. - 1461 a.c.)

The educational material is available as a series of HTML pages (including text, images and other assorted types of files that could be attached to a posted message) uploaded to the Experiment Specific Server (ESS).

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