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PLATINE software platform

The PLATINE environment, developed at LAAS-CNRS, is a software platform used to support remote collaboration among users organized in sessions. The current PLATINE version is devoted to asynchronous and synchronous sessions. In the asynchronous phase, the registered users are authorized to access independently (i.e. without any synchronization among them) the platform. During the synchronous phase of a session, the users are aware of each other, and may use different synchronous collaboration and communication tools to work together and implement a collaborative task (as pedagogical scenario). Tools implemented belong to three categories:
- administrative support tools for session definition, management and visualization
- asynchronous tools for communications between asynchronous phase of a session
- synchronous tools for communications between synchronous phase of a session

Three main collaboration and communication services available during a synchronous session are:
- Informal communication among users through audio video-conferencing (in a multicast setting) and chat
- Document sharing through whiteboard
- Management of single-user applications through application sharing

The PLATINE environment is used by the LAB@FUTURE platform for communications within sessions. During the synchronous phase of a session, users communicate in an informal way, share documents and applications, and access remotely to the pedagogical experiments based on virtual reality technology.

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