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Learning scenarios for the experiment in geometry

Four scenarios were created within the LAB@FUTURE framework to test, assess and evaluate the performance and usability of the Construct3D collaborative augmented reality application for geometry education and the performance of the general collaboration tools:
- Classic scenario: A mathematical problem is chosen in accordance with the cooperating partner schools matching the curriculum of the descriptive geometry subject being taught in their classes and in accordance with the research project and evaluation interests. The mathematical theory of the problem is explained by the teacher and discussed with the students prior to the LAB@FUTURE experiment. Having covered the theoretical background in class the students come to our laboratory to try theory in practice using our pre-installed laboratory. A teacher, groups of students and an instructor are present.
- Mobile scenario: This scenario differs from the classic scenario by using a mobile augmented reality that can be taken to an actual classroom, therefore there is not bound to a university laboratory.
-·Mobile scenario with projection screen: This scenario adds a large projection screen to the mobile scenario so that an arbitrary number of observer students can be added to the learner group.
-·Desktop-based: This scenario uses a desktop-based augmented reality system enabling an inexpensive though with some limitations coming from the lack of an immersive environment.

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